George Foreman GR80 Big George Rotisserie

George Foreman GR80 Big George Rotisserie

George Foreman GR80 Big George Rotisserie

by George Foreman

  • Perfect for roasting meats, grilling vegetables, fish, kabobs, baking casseroles
  • White metal, glass, and plastic exterior with metal interior
  • 23-by-17-by-15-inches tall; interior space measures 15-by-12-by-10
  • Comes with five kabob skewers, six meat tines
  • Also includes flat basket, round basket, wire rack, baking sheet
  1. Brand: George Foreman
  2. Dimensions: 16 x 20.5 x 22 inches
  3. Shipping Weight: 47.67 pounds
  4. Item ID: upc:082846022699
  5. Item ID: ean:0082846022699
Large enough to roast a 16-pound turkey totally, this super-size George Foreman Rotisserie just might give your outdoor barbecue grill a run for the money. Developed to roast food with a minimum of fat, this machine turns out to be quite versatile. You can barbecue fowl or meat on the heavy-duty rotisserie bar; grill fish, burgers, or vegetables in the nonstick adjustable flat basket; or roast greaseless potatoes in the round nonstick baking basket. If that isnt enough, you can also grill kabobs on the wire rack, or turn it into an extra oven to bake casseroles and desserts. Items come out perfectly done and fat-free--rotisserie items self-baste in their own juices as they turn, and all the fat drips down into the removable drip pan below.

The controls are easy to use--just choose a cooking time and temperature and the rotisserie does the rest. Levels of heat intensity can be adjusted by selecting up to four powerful heating elements. If you need to apply barbecue sauce or check doneness, the cooking can be paused while a handy oven light lets you see whats going on. All accessories wash up easily with hot water and dish soap--even the roll-up cover comes off for cleaning. --Marianne Painter

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Unexpected Quality, October 25, 2000
George Wollmann (Garland, TX USA)
I'll admit it, I am somewhat a snob about kitchen items, after all you are only as good as your tools (O.K., I don't buy ANY junk products). The mere idea of buying an infomercial product had me cringing that someone might walk past my Calphalon cookware and Henkel knives and see (gasp!), a George Foreman Rotisserie. But, what choice is out there that will rotisserie a turkey? My problem is I only have one oven and need to cook the bird somewhere else so my oven is clear for my homemade pies, etc. I figured I would try the George Foreman Rotisserie and probably return it when I found out it didn't work.
Well, this baby now has a permanent home on my precious countertop. What immediately struck me was the quality, this thing is impressively heavy, even the baking tray has actual weight. The included accesories (lots of them) are all far more heavy duty and better designed than I expected. The unit runs nicely quiet and the video is actually useful; I trussed a chicken like a pro.

Great Rotisserie, November 27, 2000
Michele Howard "[email protected]" (OR,USA)
I bought a Showtime Rotisserie and it was the biggest mistake I could have made. Very flimsey metal....the motor was very noisy and no temperature settings. I guess I fell for the mass marketing ploy. Also very hard to clean. I gave it away and bought the George Foreman Rotisserie. What a dream it is. You cannot even hear it run, multiple temperature settings and VERY easy to clean. This is a must for every cook. If you follow the instructions and watch the video you cannot go wrong. EASY EASY!! Thank you for making such a great product!!

"HOW ABOUT 10", March 14, 2001
Harriet Lesser (LAKEWOOD, NJ, USA)
[email protected] of Lakewood, NJ says:
I purchased the George Forman Rotisserie thinking it would sit upon the counter "looking pretty" like many of my other so-called kitchen accessories...but after opening the box and removing its contents I knew right away that I was wrong. It was beautifiul - yes - but it was not flimsy in the least - temperature remained even throughout cooking - foods were crispy on the outside but remained very juicy on the inside - all parts extremely easy to clean - and find I use it at least twice a week (even though I am single and only cook for myself.

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